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Some of Our Products

” We save yours. “

servFaces is an innovative company in the field of high-quality surface coatings and cleaning agents.We develop and distribute sustainable products and offer professional services in this area.Discover servFaces – an experienced German expert team that is expanding worldwide.

Today’s society is not very responsible and lavish in dealing with the available resources.The resources seeming self-evident, such as water, clean air, etc., are no longer adequately valued in today’s fast-moving times. With innovative surface optimization, servFaces wants to minimize the waste of these resources.

So we succeed!
The high-performance coating creates a dirt- and oil-repellent protective layer as well as an easy-to-clean effect.These properties of our coatings not only lead to an extension of the cleaning intervals, but also simplify the cleaning process.This results in a clear reduction in the consumption of water and harmful chemicals in the form of cleaning agents and a markedly reduced wear on the surfaces.

With our products and services, we want to achieve a change of thinking, because as a pioneer of surface refinement our primary goal is a clear resource saving.The continuous further development of our products and services has a clear goal:

Improving and preserving our environment.

Effect of servFaces
Our coatings form a transparent microcoating and protect virtually any surface from damage caused by contamination and environmental influences.At the same time, an easy-to-clean surface is created, which is highly heat and chemical resistant depending on the product selection and can only be destroyed by mechanical influences.