Polishing pad V3 (grey / lightly abrasive for softer paints)

Lambskin Polishing Pad V3: lambskin polishing pads for soft paints

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Lambskin Polishing Pad V3

servFaces lambskin polishing pads are for use with rotary polishers and are of the highest quality, they contain a fat content of 30- 35% with a fiber density of approximately 24,000 fibers/cm2 (54s) The conical fiber structure provides a very gentle polishing effect without damaging the paint surface or creating micro scratches. The level of lambskin quality guarantees the best polishing results in combination with the servFaces polishing pastes.

Properties: grey / soft cut for soft paints

Associated Products: Cut Polish & Finish Polish

Form: rounded


  • Ø 55mm / 17mm high Art.Nr. SF10202
  • Ø 80mm / 17mm high Art.Nr. SF10202.1
  • Ø 130mm / 17mm high Art.Nr. SF10202.2
  • Ø 155mm / 17mm high Art.Nr. SF10202.3