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About servFaces

Our coatings form a transparent microcoat and protect almost any surface from damage due to contamination and environmental influences.At the same time, an easy-to-clean surface is created which, depending on the product selection, is highly heat- and chemical-resistant and can only be destroyed by mechanical influences.

 servFaces permanent surface coatings

servFaces-Coatings (for example with Ceramic Coat Ultima) = surface refinement by means of hybrid, glass-like polymer compounds. This results in a chemical-resistant permanent protection, which can not be washed off easily (this can only be removed mechanically).

Unique product properties of servFaces

– transparent, invisible long-term coating
– detergent resistant (pH 2 – 13)
– environment and weather resistant
– increases the hardness and scratch resistance
– car wash-resistant
– easy-to-clean surface
– unique deep gloss & color depth
– free of siloxane, silicone, Teflon, wax
– fluorine-free / no carcinogenic additives
– coating can only be mechanically destroyed
– anti-graffiti effect and protection against almost all acids
and bases, as well as organic solvents

– excellent corrosion protection
– very high resistance to abrasion
– food-safe in the hardened state
– coating does not yellow with the years
– UV and high temperature resistant up to + 1800°C
– stops the paint decay
– fpprox. 50% less cleaning effort
– conserves our precious resources (water …)
– environmentally friendly through chemistry savings